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VetCare Grey Lynn

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408 Great North Road
Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021
New Zealand

Phone : (09) 361 3500
Fax : (09) 361 3503
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Pet ยป Pet Shops
About VetCare Grey Lynn
We treat your pets like we do our own, as an extended part of the family. We provide complete, holistic health care giving them the highest quality and longevity of life. Our vet clinic has an extensively equipped sterile surgery theatre, the latest in x-ray imaging, dentistry equipment, and modern, safe anesthetic capabilities. We have an in-house laboratory to help us diagnosis internal disease and to screen animals before anaesthetics.Our sumptuous cattery features a large sunlit communal area with cat jungle gyms, igloos, a water fountain and air conditioning.All our furry patients receive personal attention and care from our highly qualified and experienced veterinary and vet nurse team. We are more than happy to help pets from all surrounding suburbs.If you wish to ensure the best quality health care and advice for your pets, please come and visit VetCare Grey Lynn for yourselves.Dr Alex Melrose. BVSc. MRCVS. and Associates
reviewed by on 26/06/2013
Very caring staff who seem to remember me even though I don't visit that often. They take a very sensible approach to their treatment. The cattery is very well appointed and handy to have such a facility in the area. Just a shame that it's not open longer hours. I enjoy seeing the resident cat, Vegas, when I visit.
reviewed by on 25/06/2013
We only go to VetCare Grey Lynn for our two cats. Alex and his team are real cat lovers and always lovely and efficient. Highly recommend!
reviewed by on 17/06/2013
I love this vet practice. I remember Alex saying to me many years ago that he would sometimes forget what an owner looked like but would never forget the pet. I thought, 'Wow, that's what I want in a vet; a place where my animal/s is remembered and treated like 'an individual'. It's less about me and more about my pets.' I have been going to Vetcare Grey Lynn from day one, I have a dog and two cats and I have found the service to be professional at all times. I have been treated with respect and deep empathy and my pets, particularly my old dog, have been kept in good health. I can ask all sorts of questions, some stupid ones, and I am given the information I need to feel comfortable. Telephone support is great, the nurses are both helpful and knowledgeable and will slot in an urgent appointment if it is necessary. They are not perfect: there is a bit of variation in the quality of 'bedside manner' depending on which vet is on duty. However, care of my animals have never been compromised by this. There is only one thing I would change: the nurses need to be trained to remember the owner's name. I don't know how many times I have to say or spell my name and I visit the clinic at least once a month to pick up food. Happily, they always remember my pets on their regular visits. Also I think it's wonderful that Vetcare Grey Lynn work in the Pacific Islands. This makes me think they really care about the welfare of animals and not just about running a successful business.
reviewed by on 1/06/2013
I have yet to have my cat, Cleo, treated but as I travel a lot for work, she stays in the cattery regularly. The staff always seem genuinely delighted to see her and I always come away with the impression they give her lots of love and attention. That certainly helps me feel better about the situation.
reviewed by on 21/05/2013
Quick and easy vaccination and replacement chip. Friendly, informed service.