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One Step Ahead

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287 Ponsonby Road
Ponsonby, Auckland 1011
New Zealand

Phone : (09) 376 3289
About One Step Ahead
One Step Ahead is a local business in Auckland, specialising in Lotto AgentsFootwear Repairers.
reviewed by on 25/02/2013
I had two keys cut for a BMW car. I took them to One Step Ahead because they were listed online as being able to cut these particular keys for $72.00 each. I had success with the first key on December 3rd, 2012. My husband ordered a second uncut key online to use as a spare. I had that key cut by One Step Ahead on December 18th, 2012. Since it was a spare & the first key they cut worked, I did not test the spare. Yesterday my husband went to use the spare and it did not work. When I returned the key to Gary to re-cut he denied ever cutting it and was extremely rude to me. He said that even with a receipt that he would not refund my money because he did not remember cutting the spare key. I work in customer service and this is exactly how NOT to treat a customer. I know that I brought both keys to Gary because I have my receipts and the memory of bringing two in and waiting an hour for each key. I do not drive and this was the closest place for me to go on my day off. I feel that Gary honestly believes that he did not cut either of the keys. On this we have the disagreement. I wanted to warn others getting specialty keys or just those searching for honest workmanship to look elsewhere. Gary, you were very rude and I have trouble believing that a business can thrive when you don't accept responsibility for the work you produce. Very shameful behavior. I will not return and I will be telling others not to as well. People with bad manners do not deserve our hard-earned money. It's honestly not about the money, but Gary was basically calling me a liar or being quite sexist by inferring that I did not remember which businesses I frequent. Well don't worry, yours will not be one that I will remember in the future.