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Mutiara Malaysian Restaurant

3 review(s) found
66 Ponsonby Road
Ponsonby, Auckland 1011
New Zealand

Phone : (09) 376 2759
Fax : (09) 376 1450
About Mutiara Malaysian Restaurant
Mutiara Malaysian Restaurant serves authentic Asian cuisine that showcases bold flavours and the perfect combination of Malay, Indian and Chinese dishes.Come visit us for lunch or dinner - we have mouthwatering specials that will surely have you coming back for more.Mutiara Malaysian Restaurant is Licensed and BYOW.Takeaway menu is available - call now!!!
reviewed by on 18/07/2013
Great food and friendly service, love the Ikan bakar
reviewed by on 5/05/2013
Mutiara is something special. The food here is the only authentic Malaysian food available in New Zealand, whatever the claims of "modified Chinese" restaurants. Food here properly reflects the synergy of cuisines sourced in Malaysia's location on the planet. Service levels are superbly friendly and helpful, and service is offered by everyone from the owner, the owner's wife, and the head waiter down. On my favourite foods list are Ayum Capitam (a chicken curry with potatoes), Ikan Bataar (fish fillets in a spicy sauce) and their Rendangs; but there are lots more. If you have visitors new to Auckland this is a very good restaurant to go to; and all our American guests - sometimes a little nervous of "hot" food, have gone away singing with delight.
reviewed by on 7/02/2013
Delicious, savory, spicy, aromatic, endorphin stimulating, mood raising, smile worthy, silent moment making good timing food :) seriously. Not to mention the service was excellent. The lovely girl taking our order was polite and helpful as well as graceful. The smiling Chef ensured us a fantastic meal and too was gracious. Everyone there seemed to be having a good time, staff included. ...... I couldn't ask for a better dinner to share with friends on my last night in NZ. It's summertime so we were able to snag a table outside. They abide by the BYO policy so my friends and I gladly shared a few bottles of wine. My friend, the economist, ordered the Money Bags appetizer (of course) scrumptious and fried little wonton bags filled with spicy creamy deliciousness. I love spicy food so I ordered slow cooked chicken in a clay pot with added dried chilis along with coconut rice. Everyone had at least a few helpings of this dish. One guy ordered a curry, thick, dark, rich and spicy. We all gave it the thumbs up on being so very savory and perfectly spiced.... the kind of dish that merely melts in ones mouth. We also had a sizzling platter with beef. Again, delicious. Mutiara is the sort of place where you cannot go wrong with whatever it is you decide to order. I recommend sharing because "Sharing is caring" :) Oh, and a Final Note; with the BYO, we started with a Pinot Gris, moved on to a malbec and finished with some Bubbles. with that being said, it is easy to see how I had one of the best dinners ever!!!! YAY