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Momz Maths

15 Louise Pl
Browns Bay, North Shore 0630
New Zealand

Phone : (027) 206 6163
About Momz Maths
Momz is the acronym for Mind over Matter Mathematics but also implies that the key person and tutor in a child and teenager(TM)s learning life is MOTHER herself. She can stymie and minimise academic performance or she can enhance it. The government has highlighted the dire need of better math and literacy in our oeclean and green Island Paradise and is putting $$million$$ to plug the floodgate that swamps our productivity, economy and future and that of our children. For decades the politicians underline the need for better education but certain aspects are not always recognised. Momz Maths tries to rectify these aspects at an early age for not a few researched and experimentally proven reasons and by simplifying and accelerating Mom(TM)s and kiddy(TM)s rate of learning mathematics. The later you start, the more you will have to remedy and pay in extra tutoring.E-mail us today for our no-obligatory but special offer and free introductory e-brochure: mathsmomz@xtra.co.nz
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