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METDRIVER Safe Wheels Driving School

Bucklands Beach Road, 331 Bucklands Beach Road
Bucklands Beach, Manukau 2014
New Zealand

Phone : (09) 534 4454
About METDRIVER Safe Wheels Driving School
Do you want to fast track your driving lessons? I can do that in the 121 sessions. I am a professional life coach not just any driving Instructor. Hi I am Abdul, I will be teaching you to drive in my dual control driving school car any where in Auckland ( I live in Bucklands Beach and prefer to take you around the beaches and ultimately to Meadowlands Testing station for the big day. Don't worry I know what it feels like to sit in the car for the first time and be able to actually drive the car. I have driven cars in Europe (London) France, New Zealand and in Fiji Islands so I can understand what it feels like to switch to New Zealand style of driving. I will teach you all the tricks you need to know to be a safe and competent driver in New Zealand. Have you been taught by your dad, mum, uncle aunt or friend and still can't get it. I can understand it is difficult to listen to constant criticism and also not get any where. I don't shout I don't get angry I am pleasant and friendly and have teenager children myself and know how 15 - 17 year olds think. I can talk to your level and wont run you down. I will teach you how to drive safely and be a competent driver. I have completed the AA driver Training Course in New Zealand and am a licenced driving Instructor recognized by Land Transport.I am an ex British Police officer and a life style personal Coach as well. I teach leisure health and fitness adult education sessions in the evenings as my hobby so you can be assured I do know how to teach and relate to people well and make you understand in an accelerated way. My lessons are affordable and easy to understand. Age is not a factor as long as you have a learners licence and are the correct legal age. Remember I have a good sense of humour and like to be easy and relaxed I don't shout I don't get angry I am friendly and pleasant and encourage you to drive with confidence.
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