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Enviro Master Ltd

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41A Shakespeare Road
Waltham, Christchurch 8023
New Zealand

Phone : (03) 366 0525
Fax : (03) 366 7075
About Enviro Master Ltd
Enviro Master Ltd is a locally owned and operated Christchurch air conditioning and heat pump company, formed to provide its customers with complete control over their living and working environment. We do this by providing our customers with our educated, objective, seven-step assessment process, which ensures you get the correct heat pump or air conditioning system for your premises. Time after time we see air conditioning products installed in the wrong location or a totally inappropriate system installed resulting in drafts, poor temperature control, high noise values and very unhappy occupants. If a heat pump is installed incorrectly, its life expectancy could be drastically reduced and unsafe, causing a major health hazard to the occupant.Enviro Master can supply all the leading brands such as Panasonic, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin and Enviro Master. We can therefore give objective advice on the differences between each product and ensure you get the most energy efficient and cost effective air conditioning system for your needs.The single most important factor after choosing a suitable heat pump/air conditioner is to ensure the system is installed correctly. Enviro Master has a five star installation guarantee which not only ensures the system is installed correctly, but also ensures that the equipment has been demonstrated so you have a sound understanding on how the products will best meet your needs. Other Categories:Heat PumpsAir ConditioningVentilationPool
reviewed by on 2/03/2012
This guys were very fast and efficient. They have nice choices of fujitsu heat pumps that was so good during winter season. Thanks guys!
reviewed by on 23/02/2012
I can finally switch to warm mode during winter season that easy. I can wear short sleeves and no socks. I used to wear big sweaters and big socks all the time during snow season. Thanks enviromaster the best Christchurch Heat Pumps dealer so far.
reviewed by on 5/12/2011
The wide variety of Heat pumps makes their company at the top of my list since you can choose the best heat pump that suits your home with the help of their friendly staff you will know the specs and the capacity of each and every heat pumps you like to have.
reviewed by on 12/10/2011
wow! awesome heat pumps, plus the staff are really informing you what would be best for your home. Plus they have reasonable price! Highly recommended!
reviewed by on 22/09/2011
Best heat pumps ever they give quality heat pumps such as fujitsu heat pumps and other brands, this guys have also good personnel to assist whatever heatpump will suit your needs.