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Doctor Hook-Fishing Adventures

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42 Roberta Avenue
Glendowie, Auckland 1071
New Zealand

Phone : (09) 575 4428
Fax : (09) 575 4428
About Doctor Hook-Fishing Adventures
Doctor Hook-Fishing Adventures:Fishing Tours and/or Guides.
reviewed by on 19/02/2013
I have been fishing with Doctor Hook over the past 8 years and have always had a good experience and excellent results when it comes to the charter and the catch. My wife and I charter often with Doctor Hook and find his knowledge and expertise of the Hauraki Gulf and outer Gulf is a must when targeting the bigger fish. He also takes time to explain how to bait the hook and what hook sizes and weights should be used. The boat is comfortable and roomy and gets us out to the fishing grounds quickly, not like some charter vessels. We have always come back with our catch limit and sometimes this means a shorter charter but we don't see the sense in staying out there once we have our limit. Some charter operators have seating but we have always been taught to stand while we are fishing so as to feel the bite. There are seats available if needed. I wouldn't fish with any one else - and highly recommend Doctor Hook.
reviewed by on 7/02/2013
We have been fishing with Doctor Hook for about 3 years now we have nicknamed him "BRUCE-ALL-MIGHTY" . Thank you Bruce for always making our fishing experience fun and successful. Never gone home without fish and a good story. Even my 77 year old mother who has never been on a fishing boat let alone caught a fish, had the time of her life. He always tries to accommodate and fit us on. His boat is comfortable with lots of seating and room to move around and is always clean on departure. He is not scared to share his skills and to show us right if we are hokkup wrong etc. We have never had to ask for help, he is always around helping everyone. If we have our quota he brings us home BUT will stay out longer if necessary. On the one trip I asked for a workup and he found one with fish, dolphins, birds, sharks the whole works, AND I got the record fish of the day 18lbs (and that for a old doll !!!!!). Johann and I will never fish with anyone else.
reviewed by on 6/02/2013
I recently organised and went out with our group of 8 on a charter with Dr Hook and I couldn't be happier! We had a great time, caught a tonne of fish and it would be the best charter experience I've ever had. And I don't say that lightly. I had overseas guests to entertain and it was really important I showed them a good time out on the water. So I felt pressured to make a good choice with the boat and the cheap and nasty end of the market didn't appeal. Some of the group weren't experienced either and I was nervous because other charters we'd done in the past had been pretty basic. Well the boat was luxury compared to others we'd been on. Roomy, and well looked after. We all took the boat, bait and rod option and I'm pleased we did because it made things so much easier and great value. There was a tonne of bait and Bruce was there to take fish off the hook if anyone needed it and sort out any tackle issues. All in all it was my best day out on the water in NZ and my overseas guests has a brilliant time enjoying the best of Kiwi hospitality. I couldn't be happier and will use Dr Hook again in the future.
reviewed by on 27/01/2013
What does a GOOD fishing charter include? A comfortable boat, a humorous but informative skipper, at lease SOME free bait (especially when you pay over $100 for a bloody fishing charter), a small amount smoking, a lot of space for luggage, easy booking and overall getting your money's worth. That is not the case of Doctor Hooks Fishing. The boat is small, VERY small, and in the website it said, "Torai is 43ft...can take up to 13 anglers with plenty of room to relax and fish." And was it relaxing and good to fish? NO! It's was definitely NOT relaxing at all because there is only one bench for four people while 9 others have to either stand up or sit on some uncomfortable platform, and it was tiresome to fish because, again, THERE ARE NO SEATS TO SIT ON! The skipper is not really all that interesting. He doesn't really talk to his customers a lot and he is not friendly and overall I wish he was more social and likeable. The smoking really needs to be reduced on charter fishing, it smells, it makes me sick and i don't like it one bit. 120 dollars is quite a lot of money if you ask me, and when you run out of bait, YOU PAY 20 DOLLARS MORE. That is absolute bollocks in my eyes, i should be able to get at-least a little amount of bait for free instead of paying 20 DOLLARS ON ONE KILO! That is just a cash grab and the bait is not even in good quality. That's just bloody embarrassing Doctor Hook. In the end of the day, i was tired, bored and unsatisfied, catching nine fish was my new highest record but it didn't really help the annoyance i was going through. And the biggest slap in the face was that we came back 2 hours early. ARRIVING 2 HOURS EARLY IS UNACCEPTABLE, i didn't even get a discount or anything, it was just full price with the bloody overpriced bait money. It's a shame that companies like Snapper Fishing completely topples the qualities in Doctor Hook fishing while being much cheaper. The trip i had with Snapper Fishing was exciting, soothing and enjoyable. I only caught 4 fish in the process and still had fun. And it also came with FREE BAIT! For $65, it beats Doctor Hook Fishing to a pulp as a fishing charter company.