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CSL Medical Alarms

708 Heretaunga St W
St Leonards, Hastings 4120
New Zealand

Phone : (06) 870 4100
Fax : (06) 870 4101
About CSL Medical Alarms
Maintain your independence with safety and dignity with our latesttechnology monitored 24 hrs a day, seven days a week Medical Alarms. We are 'Work and Income' approved and can assist with applying for a 100% subsidy. Good old-fashioned service, all calls answered personally - no automation. CSL Medical Alarms save lives. They maintain your or your loved onesindependence with safety and dignity. Prevention is better than cure!Constantly Secure Limited is one of New Zealand's leading Medical Aid Alarm Specialists.We pride ourselves as a caring, understanding team dedicating our time and effort to looking after local people.Our alarms self test and send a report every 24 hours - this is done to ensure the alarm is plugged into both a power point and telephone line, the back up battery is fully charged, the phone is on its receiver properly, and the battery in the pendant/wristwatch is also fully charged.For those with a history of epilepsy or other black-outs, the Spirit Level Pendant is clipped on to waist band and advises of a fall immediately. The Wanderers Pendant automatically detects when the wearer has moved out of a pre-determined area, providing reassurance for caregivers of Alzheimer's sufferers and affords them a break with peace of mind that their loved ones are safe.Calls to CSL Medical Alarms are answered in Hawkes Bay by real local people, not an answer-phone from some central office, there's no need to push several buttons before you are attended to.Staff are all trained with the knowledge of setting up and monitoring of the appropriate medical alarm system for each individual case.You are treated as part of an extended family. Small gifts for Christmas and Easter are given, phone calls for a chat and a regular newsletter is sent to keep you up to date with what is happening.All ambulance call outs are paid for by CSL Medical Alarms.
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