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Auckland War Memorial Museum

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Domain Drive
Parnell, Auckland 1052
New Zealand

Phone : (09) 309 0443
Fax : (09) 379 9956
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About Auckland War Memorial Museum
The Museum is located in the city's oldest and most popular park � the Auckland Domain. This expansive area is a respite from the rush and bustle of the city, just minutes away.From playing fields to formal gardens and ponds edged by century-old trees, there is much to see here. Features for visitors include the Winter Garden, Fernz Fernery and duck ponds. Close by is Parnell, Auckland´s oldest suburb. Distinctive historic buildings combine with retail and vibrant cafes making Parnell Village a place to relax and people watch, as well as shop.
reviewed by on 1/09/2013
reviewed by on 22/07/2013
I agree with the review below. I was later told by a musium lady in the upstairs eating area that back packs were not allowed, so if you thought you were doing people a favor by not wanting to trip over your pram and annoy other people with it tuff luck. I was told I would be escorted out by a security guard after unknowingly wandering through with my two year old and a back pack on. Where else do you put clothes, nappies, food to keep them happy and water. Why was I not told at the check in? Nobody else had a problem. It was a nice trip completely ruined by being humiliated! If they don't want parents with large packs going through then they should have the kids entertainment and toy area in the same place so we can come, see and leave without entering the rest of the museum. I was also not aware that there are now two entrances! This is not a little people friendly place. Signage could be better. I wont be coming back in a hurry. Disappointed.
reviewed by on 21/07/2013
Awesome! must go place..
reviewed by on 26/07/2012
One the one hand this museum houses a great collection of really interesting stuff, well put together. On the other it's kind of an old-fashioned museum that aspires to appeal to children, but really doesn't. There is very little that is interactive for children here, and they get rather bored - meaning they just want to run around making noise. If you take the bus, the signage to the museum is pretty poor. The suggested stop and route are not in fact the most direct way, and it's easy to get lost meandering around the large domain. Footpaths for pedestrians approaching the museum are ill-thought out, if thought out at all. They suddenly stop, forcing you to walk on the road, which is terrible. And if you dare to take an alternate route to the round-about way they want you to take then forget it - you have no idea as to which end of the building to approach, where the entrance is etc. Leaving the museum I chose a footpath that looked as though it should lead safely toward where my bus stop was, but it just went into the carpark. Totally focussed on people arriving by car. Inside the museum we found signage poor. It can be stressful and hard work taking small children out, and added frustrations such as poor signage are really unwanted. At one point we wanted to show our map-loving 4-year-olds a display in the Picture Gallery, so we followed the signs. The stopped when we reached the library, and there were simply no more signs. In spite of the presence of staff members in the library, no one pro-actively offered help. When I asked an elderly member of staff for assistance, she complained about the noise our children were making (which was not, in fact, all that bad, and hey lady - do you think you were a silent four-year-old?) and gave us hurried and frankly rubbish directions that barely helped us at all. We gave up. We were also told that we weren't allowed to take any food or even water into the museum with us. They should probably cut to the chase and just put up a big sign saying "Children Not Welcome". Could do much better.
reviewed by on 19/07/2011
Excellent collection, fantastic architectural and cultural icon of Auckland city